BioTriad serves wastewater treatment projects with thousands of successful applications at Industrial Wastewater Plants, Sewage Collection Systems, and Sewer Treatment Plants.

Our field service teams are experienced with wastewater operations and trained in workplace safety practices specific to this industry.


Air Pollution Control

Our air pollution control products for wastewater applications include biofilters, carbon filters, dry and wet air scrubbers, and liquid-phase additives that treat the contaminant source to stop pollutants from entering the air.


For sewage and wastewater applications we offer a variety of pumps and controllers, dewatering containers (hoppers and dumpsters), polymer feed systems, coagulants and flocculants.

Odor Control

BioTriad manufactures a wide array of odor control products for wastewater projects, with our standard air pollution control line complimented by  odor neutralization systems in water-based and waterless vapor configurations.

Maintenance Supplies

We manufacture a full line of natural cleaners, solvents, and spill absorbents for janitorial and maintenance use in wastewater applications.

Water Treatment

Our water treatment products for wastewater include antifoam agents, biological treatments, degreasers, hydrogen sulfide control products, and corrosion control additives.

Interested in More Information?

To reach a specialist in wastewater projects, contact Christopher Planker (cell: 570-236-5620) or Warren Planker (cell: 239-357-7783), or click the 'Contact Us' button.