Advanced Odor Neutralization Technology


Innovative Technology

OdaBond products are advanced industrial strength odor neutralizers that are environmentally safe, occupationally safe, and proven effective.

Utilizing the atmospheric bonding properties of select-grade all-natural plant extracts, OdaBond eliminates fugitive malodors from the air.

As a true odor neutralizer, OdaBond doesn't rely on masking or fragrance technologies.  This innovative product reduces odor concentration, odor intensity and odor persistence.


OdaBond is formulated to be diluted with water and applied as an atmospheric fog / mist or utilized as a topical agent that is sprayed directly onto an odor source.

These products have a two year shelf life when stored in moderate temperature in unopened containers.

OdaBond products are available in a variety of container sizes, including handheld spray bottles, one gallon jugs, five gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, and 275 gallon totes.

Occupationally Safety

OdaBond was developed to meet the highest level of workplace and environmental safety with enhanced efficacy.

All of the ingredients are listed as Generally Recognized As Safe in the FDA’s Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Third-Party Laboratory Analysis:

Acute Oral: Nontoxic

Acute Dermal: Nontoxic

Acute Inhalation: Nontoxic

Acute Eye Irritation: Nontoxic

Dermatologist Tests:

Non-Primary Irritant

Non-Primary Sensitizer

OdaBond products contain no hazardous air pollutants listed under the Clean Air Act.


Environmental Safety

At BioTriad we believe that environmental safety and conservation are of the utmost importance, an ideal that is reflected in our engineering and manufacturing practices.

OdaBond products are formulated using select-grade ingredients that are natural renewable resources.

We have taken great care to ensure environmental safety in manufacturing OdaBond, in its use, and in container disposal.


OdaBond is readily biodegradable and safe to be fogged, misted, or evaporated in the workplace and into the atmosphere.

Each pure quality component in OdaBond has been chosen for its natural odor neutralizing quality as well as its safety and degradability characteristics.

We use natural renewable ingredients to ensure ecological safety for us here / now and sustainability for the generations to come.

Proven Effective

OdaBond has been proven to be extremely effective in eliminating malodors in municipal and industrial projects.

Independent third party analysis has repeatedly confirmed the remarkable odor control capacity in laboratory and field tests.

OdaBond is a true odor neutralizer, not a masking agent.  Masking agents increase odor concentration, whereas OdaBond is formulated to reduce and eliminate unpleasant odor.


The neutralizer is delivered into the air as an aerosol or vapor, where it immediately begins adhering to atmospheric gases.

As the neutralizer bonds with malodors, the resulting atmospheric cluster grows in size until it is too large to remain suspended in the air, and fallout occurs.

Once deposited on the earth, OdaBond increases the natural degradation of malodors, leaving only the elemental components as nutrients for ground flora.

Born to Deodorize

From the very beginning, the OdaBond product line was formulated with two goals in mind: provide maximum malodor reduction while yielding the absolute minimum in environmental impact.  The results have been remarkable.  This advanced product has been proven effective with thousands of successful municipal and industrial projects.  With a wide array of applications ranging from simple dumpster deodorization to sewer odor treatment, solid waste malodor abatement, and complex agricultural, industrial and manufacturing process odor control, these products are as versatile as they are effective.

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