Waste Not

Our goal is to work with our customers to improve performance while minimizing waste in time, money, and resources.

Whether the target is increased solids separation and flocculant reduction or enhanced contaminant absorption capacity and hydrogen sulfide reduction, we aim to help.


Minimize downtime. Increase performance. Reduce service requirements while increasing efficacy. Decades of experience merge with the most advanced, cutting-edge technology, yielding solutions that save time and money.

Air Pollution Control Solutions


Air Scrubbers

Air scrubbers remove contaminants from ventilated air through direct chemical reactions.


Biological Air Filters

Biofilters use a biofild of microorganisms to remove contaminants from ventilated air.


Carbon Absorbers

Carbon filters capture contaminants in the pores of coal, hardwood, or coconut shell.

Dewatering Solutions


Pumps & Controllers

BioTriad offers a full line of sludge and polymer pumps with a variety of automated controllers.


Dewatering Containers

We manufacture a full line of dewatering dumpsters, hoppers, grease separators, and roll-off systems.


Polymer Feed Systems

Our polymer feed and optimization systems are engineered to save both time and money.

Odor Control Solutions


Air Purification

Our air scrubbers, biofilters, and carbon absorbers are ideal solutions for odor control applications.


Aerosol Neutralization

BioTriad manufactures a vast array of water-based odor neutralizers and delivery equipment.


Vapor Neutralization

Our vapor phase odor neutralization systems come in a variety of versatile configurations.

Questions, Comments, or Ideas?

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