Changing the Industry

BioTriad Environmental, Inc. is committed to the development of advanced, cutting-edge equipment and chemistry.   Our goal is to increase effectiveness and efficiency for our customers while reducing down-time and environmental impact.  Years of diligent research and development have yielded a number of innovative solutions that have revolutionized the industries in which they have been implemented.


Air Purification Systems

Scrub-Dry Air Purification systems are the ideal solution to air pollution control projects, with the ability to remove a wide range of airborne contaminants .

These advanced systems are durable and corrosion resistant, engineered to provide years of reliable operation.



Dewatering Containers

BioTriad's Dewater-All Dewatering Containers are making solids separation and disposal easier and more cost effective for a variety of applications.  These innovative units come in hopper, dumpster, and roll-off container configurations to meet a wide array of project parameters.  By draining liquid from waste, Dewater-All units reduce disposal frequency and costs significantly.



Polymer Feed Systems

BioTriad's offers the highest level of quality, effectiveness, and dependability in polymer mixing and feed equipment.

The AcoustaBlend mixing / feed systems are engineered to provide the Least Downtime, Lowest Operating and Maintenance Costs, and Industry Best Warranty.

These State-of-the-Art, Durable and Corrosion-Resistant systems are the ideal solution to industrial and municipal dewatering applications.

How Can We Help?

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