ReacTower Biological Air Filters

BioTriad's ReacTower line of engineered biological air filters has expanded to meet the demands of a broader range of applications for municipal and industrial use.  ReacTowers remove air pollutants using the digestive activity of microorganisms, and, as such, their use has its limitations.  The cool winters of northern climates can slow and even stop microbiological activity, reducing biofilter effectiveness and, in many cases, killing off the microbial colony.

To expand use to its northern customer base, BioTriad has expanded their ReacTower products to include options such as insulated models, sump heaters, and inlet air heaters.  In addition to the climate control enhancements, BioTriad has developed initial colonization microbe blends that are more resistant to cooler climates.

Background:  A ReacTower biofilter contains an air blower and a contact chamber; the blower forces contaminated air through the contact chamber in an updraft. The chamber is filled with a synthetic media that's engineered for maximum surface area.  A colony of microbes is populated on the surface of the media.  A nutrient-rich solution is sprayed on top of the media and recirculated from a sump at the bottom of the contact chamber.  As the contaminated air passes through the system, contaminants adhere to the biological film on the media and are digested.

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BioTriad is committed to helping its customers reduce the use of hazardous chemicals and minimize landfilled materials, and the ReacTower is the ideal solution for both!

The ReacTower doesn't scrub the air with caustic and chlorine (as with a wet air scrubber), it removes pollutants from the air with the digestion of microorganisms.

While dry air scrubbers and carbon filters have media that becomes spent and subsequently needs to be disposed of and replaced, whereas ReacTowers come equipped with a media that will last the entire life of the system.

Traditional wood-chip biofilters require a very large footprint (with woodchips that also become spent and require replacement), while ReacTowers optimize biological activity in a more compact vertical space.

Durable, Effective, and Corrosion Resistant.  ReacTowers are an environmentally friendly solution to a wide array of air pollution control and odor control applications.  A solution you can count on, year after year.


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BioTriad offers a variety of ReacTower systems, tank covers, duct-work,  and automated controls to meet a wide array of field parameters.  We provide site analytical work, system design, delivery, installation, and maintenance services.

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