Compost Facilities

BioTriad serves the composting industry in Co-Compost Projects, Food Waste, Green Waste, and Yard Waste compost facilities.

Our field service teams are experienced with waste operations and trained in workplace safety practices specific to this industry.


Maintenance Supplies

We manufacture a full line of automotive fleet consumables, natural cleaners, solvents, and spill absorbents for janitorial and maintenance use at compost facilities.

Odor Control

BioTriad manufactures the largest selection of odor control products for solid waste projects, including biofilters, carbon air filters, dry and wet air scrubbers, and odor neutralization systems in water-based and waterless vapor configurations.

Interested in More Information?

To reach a specialist in composting projects, contact Christopher Planker (cell: 570-236-5620) or Warren Planker (cell: 239-357-7783), or click the 'Contact Us' button.