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Winterizing America

Protect your equipment before the next deep freeze. Weatherproof enclosures, heat tracing, pump and drum warmers, and so much more!
Ask your Project Coordinator about BioTriad’s Winterizing America Event!

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Following a carbon footprint reduction of 37% per manufactured unit in 2018, BioTriad sets sights on 2019 targets.


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Simpler Purchasing?

BioTriad prepares to launch online purchasing portal that will enable customers to order product from any computer or smart device.

Next-Gen Odor Control

A new era in odor control is approaching as BioTriad melds the most current scientific advances with high tech enginuity.

Upcoming Webinars

Feb 6, 2019  "Air Pollution Control in the Modern Era"

Mar 6, 2019  "Industrial Dewatering Optimization"    

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BioTriad's ReacTower line of engineered biological air filters has expanded to meet the demands of a broader range of applications for...

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DewaterAll Dewatering Systems are designed to dewater a variety of materials with the highest efficiency rating.  These unique self-contained units are engineered with durability and...

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A new era of odor control has arrived with BioTriad’s VaporCom-Elite Series compact vapor...

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- Featured Product -

BioTriad is showcasing its cutting edge OdaBond odor control products, a line of concentrated odor neutralizers that are designed to treat fugitive malodors.  Formulated for use in agricultural, commercial, industrial, and municipal applications, these products are as versatile as they are effective.



Advanced Odor Neutralization Technology

OdaBond products are industrial strength odor neutralizers that are environmentally safe, occupationally safe, and proven effective.

Utilizing the atmospheric bonding properties of select-grade all-natural plant extracts, OdaBond eliminates fugitive malodors from ambient air.

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OdaBond products are true odor neutralizers that do not rely on masking or fragrance technologies.  These innovative products are formulated to reduce odor concentration, odor intensity and odor persistence.

How it Works

OdaBond is diluted with water and fogged or misted into malodorous air utilizing atomizing nozzles, fans or drum top foggers.

The neutralizing aerosol attracts atmospheric gases and vapors, bonding with air contaminants.

The OdaBond products are formulated to neutralize fugitive nuisance odor on contact.

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