Odor Control Specialists

BioTriad Environmental, Inc. specializes in odor control, with the most extensive line of innovative chemistry and delivery equipment in the industry.

Our team of odor control experts has been involved with thousands of successful odor control applications.

With decades of experience and the most products to choose, you can rest assured that your odor control project is in good hands with BioTriad.

Odor Control Categories

  • Odor Control Basics
  • Types of Odor Control
  • Source Treatment
  • Air Purification
  • Odor Neutralization

Environmental Safety

We believe safety is of the utmost importance, whether in a natural forest ecosystem or your workplace environment.

Our air purification systems are engineered to utilize non-hazardous air scrubbing solutions, as an alternative to caustic and chlorine.

We offer a broad spectrum of natural, biodegradable, environmentally safe odor neutralizers designed to treat malodors in the open air.


Industries Served

We service compost facilities, farm and agriculture projects, food processing plants, grease processors, manufacturing plants, meat packers, petrochemical facilities, renderers, and wastewater treatment plants.

Our municipal odor control customers include landfills, recycling centers, solid waste transfer stations, sewer collection systems, and sewage treatment plants.

A Different Approach

Odor Control is term used to define a broad range of operational processes, specialty chemicals and equipment utilized to reduce and eliminate fugitive nuisance malodors.

At BioTriad, we recommend operational modifications as a first line of defense. Change how you operate your processes to reduce malodor emissions before implementing the specialty odor control technologies.

If you still have malodors after optimizing your operations, then it is time to look further into odor control:

Source Treatment

Treat the odor source before malodors are emitted into the atmosphere.

Air Purification

Capture malodors as they are emitted from the odor source and remove them from the air.

Odor Neutralization

Treat fugitive odor emissions in the atmosphere, after they have been emitted from the odor source.

If you aren't certain of the type of operational modifications that may benefit your specific project, or you're interested in what others in your industry have had success with, contact one of our experts:

Christopher Planker

(cell: 570-236-5620)

Warren Planker

(cell: 239-357-7783).

Interested in More Information?

To reach an odor control specialist with questions or comments, call 888-OK-TRIAD (888-658-7423), or click the 'Contact Us' button.