The New VaporCom-Elite

A new era of odor control has arrived with BioTriad’s VaporCom-Elite Series compact vapor phase odor neutralization system.  This advanced direct vaporization system has been engineered to treat fugitive odor emissions from agricultural, commercial, industrial, and municipal projects.

Background: There are three standard types of odor control technologies; source treatment, covering and scrubbing, and odor neutralization.  In many cases the first two types are cost-prohibitive, leaving only odor neutralization as a feasible option.  For decades neutralization involved spraying or misting a water-based solution into malodorous air.  Then came direct vaporization… odor neutralization that worked with a dry vapor.

The VaporCom units have become the workhorse of odor neutralization, with thousands of systems in use globally.  Now the new and improved VaporCom-Elite series has taken vapor phase technology to new heights.

With advanced mist elimination technology and enhanced diffusion, the Elite models provide a higher vaporization efficiency rating and finer particle distribution.  In other words, the system will evaporate more neutralizer, thus yielding more odor control from of each gallon, with less sludge accumulation in the evaporator and no drips.



VaporCom-Elite models have been engineered to outlast the competition, with a more reliable core design.

They are compact units with a simple transport design and easy to setup, operate, and maintain.

“This state-of-the-art odor control system has the capacity to evaporate a broader range of neutralizers and counteractants, while reducing maintenance costs and downtime,” states Warren Planker, BioTriad Operations Manager.  “The VaporCom-Elite design allows for year-round operation, even in freezing conditions, without the slipping or visibility hazards that come with fogging or misting systems.”


VaporCom-Elite Units can be equipped with a Vapor Diffusion Nozzle Header.

Note:  The blue arrows represent the odor neutralizing vapor, which is actually invisible.


Vapor Diffusion Line can be installed around the perimeter of an odor source.

Note:  The blue arrows represent the odor neutralizing vapor, which is actually invisible.




VaporCom Systems come in standard configuration, with the wash-down duty components open to the atmosphere.



A diamond plate aluminum enclosure is a stock option for all VaporCom models, with stainless steel, fiberglass, and poly enclosure upgrades available.

Mounting Options


Skid Mounted

VaporCom odor control units come skid-mounted for easy mobility with a forklift.



Sled-mounting options are ideal for the active face of a landfill or compost facility.



Trailer-mounted VaporCom systems are useful for a variety of applications that require portability.

VaporCom-Elite odor control systems have been engineered to be the most versatile direct vaporization odor neutralization solutions on the market.  In terms of quality, effectiveness, durability, and customization, this next-gen line is as good as it gets.

VaporCom-Elite systems have successfully treated fugitive malodors in agricultural, commercial, industrial, and municipal applications.

Agricultural Projects include; Canneries, Dairy Farms, Land-Applied Reuse Water Applications, Pig Farms, Poultry Plants, and Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Commercial Uses include; Bathrooms, Dumpsters, Fitness Centers, Garbage Chutes, Grease Traps, Gyms, Locker Rooms, Trash Compactors, and Sewage Wet Wells.

Industrial Projects include; Dewatering Projects, FOG Processors (Fats, Oils, and Grease), Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants, Manufacturing Plants, Meat Packing Plants, Paper Mills, Petrochemical Facilities, Refineries, Slaughter Houses, and Specialty Waste Landfills.

Municipal Projects include; Biosolids Facilities, Co-compost Facilities, Greenwaste Compost Facilities, Incinerators, Landfills, Recycling Centers, Sewer Treatment Plants, Sewage Collection Systems, Solid Waste Transfer Stations, Waste-to-Energy Plants, and Water Treatment Plants.

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