DewaterAll Dewatering Systems

DewaterAll Dewatering Systems are designed to dewater a variety of materials with the highest efficiency rating.  These unique self-contained units are engineered with effectiveness, durability and longevity in mind.

Background: Disposing of waste that contains an excessive amount of liquid can be expensive.  Liquids increase waste weight, hauling frequency, and disposal costs.  DewaterAll dewatering systems provide an economical alternative... separate the liquids from the solids.



DewaterAll Roll-Off Containers are typically used to dewater sludges, clarify liquids, separate FOG (fats, oil, and grease), and recover materials.

Once the containers have been filled with solids, Roll-Offs can easily be hauled to a landfill or compost facility.

DewaterAll products come with a variety of stock and custom configurations, including wall and floor filter panels, center-wall filters, sludge vibrators, covers, trailer mounts, and dump bodies.  BioTriad also offers a number of add-on packages to treat any odor that may be emitted from the dewatered materials, such as Carbon air filters, dry air scrubbers, and odor neutralization systems.



This DewaterAll Roll-Off Dewatering Container comes equipped with both exterior wall and floor filter panels as well as a center wall lined with internal filter membranes.

There are ribs on top of this unit to support a removable cover, which keeps rain water out and contains any odor.

There is a Cam-Lock fitting on top of the unit for easy connection to a carbon air filter, dry air scrubber, biological air filter, or odor neutralization system.


A DewaterAll Roll-Off System in use.


A DewaterAll Hopper in use.


A DewaterAll system ready for transport.

BioTriad offers turn-key DewaterAll Dewatering Systems, complete with automated controls, polymer feed equipment, sludge pumps, delivery, startup, service... everything you need to get your project under way.  With the capacity for full customization, we can design a system that is just right for each unique dewatering application.

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